The members of our team are professionals aligned with our mission.

With the objective of informing and promoting dialogue for a better Pantanal, through cross-sector expertise and dialogue for the conservation of biodiversity and the biome's natural resources, our team of collaborators is made up of:

Adalberto Eberhard
Adalberto EberhardInstituter
Ilvanio Martins
Ilvanio MartinsPresident
Divino Humberto
Divino HumbertoGeneral Assistant
Carla Braganholo
Carla BraganholoCommunication Assistant

Fiscal Council

  Carlos Lima Lobo
  Deise Miranda Morimoto
  Jeanne Martins do Nascimento
  João Rodrigues de Oliveira
  Julia Maria de Almeida
  Karen Regina Domingo Sobreira
  Katia Laura Cruz
  Luciana Lusia da Silva Calçada