Operating all year round in the Pantanal allows us to have access to the fauna and flora resources, enabling us to further expand our knowledge of biodiversity.

These activities are always supported by other partners, researchers and professionals from different areas.

Currently underway, the "Águas Pró Pantanal" project aims to provide information to improve the healthiness of the water resource available for human consumption and ensure fertile living conditions coming from this indispensable source. Among the actions, collection, analysis, disposal of the result and proposal of improvement when necessary, we also focus on improvement and cleanliness as a beneficial form of access to health.


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The Ecotrópica Foundation is a non-profit organization, which has been working
since 1989 in biodiversity protection projects. Several actions are undertaken with prevention, monitoring
and direct combat.


Project Areas


In this monitoring, for example, it is possible to keep track of the fauna's activity times, the environment they are in and other information.

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