Galeria Fauna
The Pantanal Fauna
The Pantanal fauna is the set of animal species found in the Pantanal, a biome characteristic of the southwest of Mato Grosso.
Galeria Flora
Arboreal Flora of Mato Grosso
Among the trees, the aroeira, ipê, figueira and angico are the most important. The Cerrado is characterised by low trees and bushes with twisted branches.
Galeria Queimadas
Wildfires in Mato Grosso
With the objective of fighting wildfires in the state of Mato Grosso, Ecotropica always recommends actions to reduce these outbreaks.
Galeria Voluntariado
Volunteer help
Ecotropica volunteers join together to distribute food and water to animals affected by the wildfires in the Pantanal.
Galeria Manejo sustentável
Sustainable management
The sustainable management of natural areas rich in biodiversity such as the Mato Grosso Pantanal is an urgent necessity.